What is acupuncture?

Very fine, thin needles inserted into points on the body to correct imbalances that are causing symptoms of dysfunction, and distress in both the body and the mind. Elizabeth employs multiple styles of acupuncture and designs a unique treatment for each patient and for each visit. And yes, the term “Dry needling,” is in fact, Acupuncture!

For acute issues, 6 treatments are recommended in close succession, a minimum of twice a week for three weeks. Often symptoms may be relived after only the first few treatments.

For longer standing symptoms, expect improvement after 8 to 12 treatments, with continued treatments to attain optimal recovery.

Maintenance: Chinese medicine emphasizes preventative care. Patients often come in for treatment once or twice per month on a regular basis to maintain their health and to ward off potential ailments.

What does acupuncture feel like?

Patients describe sensations ranging from a tingling to a feeling of heaviness in the place of the needle insertion, and sometimes a radiation to other parts of the body, although it not usually an unpleasant feeling. Sometimes an acupuncture point may be more sensitive or tender depending on the patient’s condition and the location of the point, however, please be assured that your every comfort is taken into consideration during the treatment. Patients often fall asleep and feel quite relaxed during the treatment and wake feeling refreshed and more themselves.

New Patient Visit: 60-90 minutes.

During the visit, Elizabeth will go over your health history in detail and determine a course of treatment for your health concerns. You will receive an acupuncture treatment, an herbal consultation if applicable, as well as any appropriate body treatments to include electrical stimulation, cupping, gua sha, or targeted massage.

Follow-up visit: 50 minutes.

You will discuss with Elizabeth your symptoms and overall well-being and Elizabeth will adjust your acupuncture treatment and herbal formula to meet your needs. E-stim, cupping, gua sha and targeted massage, if appropriate, may be utilized as necessary to optimize your treatments.

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